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Johnson Engineering provides professional design of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial and industrial facilities. Systems include chilled and hot water systems, steam heating, roof top systems, standard direct expansion systems, make up air systems, energy recovery systems, geothermal applications, variable flow refrigerant systems, heat pump systems, radiant heating, in-floor radiant heating, complex exhaust systems, spot cooling and cooking hood systems, just to name a few.


Johnson Engineering provides professional design of fluid / gas piping for commercial and industrial facilities. Systems include domestic cold and hot water, chilled and hot water piping for HVAC, sanitary sewer systems, storm water systems, refrigerant piping, medical gas, natural gas and fuel piping.


Johnson Engineering provides professional design of electrical lighting, power and special systems services for commercial and industrial facilities. Systems include direct task and accent lighting, power distribution from high voltage down to 120V outlets, standby and emergency generation, innovative photovoltaic and wind power solutions, low voltage including fire alarm, emergency and nurse call, professional sound, paging, access control, security, CCTV, CATV, data and telephone.

Electrical (Lighting Photometrics):

Johnson Engineering provides photometric computer simulation of lighting design. We model interior exterior and special surfaces early in the design to insure all aspects are met prior to committing to paper.

Electrical (Power Simulation):

Johnson Engineering utilizes the latest in power systems design and simulation software (EDSA (Power Analytics) “Paladin”) to model and verify all parameters of a power distribution both before design, during construction and after installations to insure all system operate safely and correctly within code constraints. Modeling includes power flow, short circuit analysis, coordination and arc flash studies.

Fire Protection:

Johnson Engineering provides design of sprinkler fire protection systems for commercial and industrial facilities. A complex review of NFPA and IBC codes goes into every project we design. Early conceptual aspects and coordination with other systems allow all systems to cohabitate on their individual plains. Clear, concise design of piping sizes, head locations and riser details allows for better bids and seamless installations. In addition to water-based suppression, Johnson Engineering maintains experience in VESDA, dry chemical suppression, as well as smoke evacuation system design.

AutoCAD Drafting:

Johnson Engineering provides both 2D and 3D computer-aided drafting of all projects. Additional services include BIM(Revit) drafting when required for specific projects.

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